• Business Partner to Australian Travel Agents.
  • We value your business. Your growth is our growth.
  • Business Partner to Australian Travel Agents.
  • We value your business. Your growth is our growth.
  • We value your business. Your growth is our growth.
  • Business Partner to Australian Travel Agents.

Welcome to CVFR Travel Group

CVFR Travel Group is one of Australia's largest Travel Business Groups with our heritage stretching back over 30 years. The Group has three Independent business divisions.

We offer travel agents market leading fares and ticketing solution backed by market leading technology for their business via our CVFR Consolidation Services business which is one of Australia's largest Consolidators.

CVFR Consolidation Services also offers a on-line hotel booking tool for agents – CVFR Hotels.
We provide Airlines a representation service via Airline Rep Services (ARS) which is our GSA business which can handle an Airlines sales, marketing and reservation departments all over Australia and New Zealand.

In a bold move, we are the only travel group in the country offering an outsourcing solution for Governments Visa administration work via Visa Rep Services (VRS).

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CVFR Travel Group’s Products and Services

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CVFR Consolidation Services

Providing agents an Air Ticket Consolidation Service and Land Wholesale. The CVFR Consolidation Services is a market leading consolidator providing agents the best in commission, service and market leading technology. Our technology provides agents an on-line fare search tool and on-line ticketing platform which allows agents to issue and re-issue e-tickets themselves and works with all 3 GDSs.

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Airline Rep Services (ARS)

Airline Rep Services (ARS) is a GSA Company providing Airline Carrier clients that require representation services in Australia and/or New Zealand. The company can provide dedicated offices in every state of Australia and for Auckland in NZ. We provide a Sales and Marketing solution plus we have access to many strong distribution channels and agency groups. ARS can also provide a Call Centre solution and staffing for those airlines that require this service.

Visa Rep Services (VRS)

Visa Rep Services (VRS) provides Governments with an outsourcing solution for their Visa and Passport processing Centres. VRS can provide an office solution in every state capital of Australia. Along with providing a Visa and Passport processing solution, VRS can also work with missions that require a Biometrics solution.

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Head Office Address:

CVFR Travel Group
Level 18, Australia Square
264 George Street, Sydney 2000. NSW. Australia

Telephone: 1300 244 777

FAX: 1300 344 777


Business Group Enquiries


CVFR Consolidation Services sales@cvfrconsolidation.com.au

Airline Rep Services info@airlinerepservices.com.au

Visa Rep services info@visarepservices.com.au

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Operational Hours:

Monday – Friday
8:30am – 6:00pm AEST

10:00am – 1:00pm AEST

24x7 Ticket Centre Service available. Login for details.

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