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The People of CVFR Travel Group (Senior Group Management Team)
Ram Chhabra - Group Managing Director
Ram joined the company in 1997 as a Sales Executive. Ram together with his father who was the company founder worked together till 2006. Ram's father laid the strong foundation on which the company is built today. Till 2006 they worked together in growing and establishing the company as a leading ethnic consolidation business. In 2006 Ram took complete charge of the company and took the company to a national level and established the company's GSA business (Airline Rep Services) and the Government Visa Outsourcing business (Visa Rep Services). He has also ensured the company provides market leading technology to its agents. Ram is extremely hands on and heads up all Sales and Strategy for the Group.

Nidhi Menroy - Managing Director - CVFR Consolidation Services 
Nidhi joined the company in 2009. Nidhi works in close partnership with Ram with all aspects of the business from Airline relations and contracting to Agent dealings and Accounts. She heads up all operations, staffing and accounts for the group. Heading up operations means its Nidhi's responsibility to ensure our valued agents receive the highest levels of service and efficiency.
Trent Signor - Chief Financial Officer
Trent was the company's external accountant advisor for many years starting from 2000. From 2008 Trent became part of CVFR team and took charge of the company's finances and accounts. Trent also works closely with Ram in matters of company strategy. Compliance is also part of Trent's responsibility.

CVFR Travel Group Legal Department 
Managed by Uther Webster & Evans. E:

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