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"Market Leading Consolidator with Market Leading Technology"

CVFR Consolidation Services is the fastest growing Consolidation business in Australia. We are a business which is large enough to offer agents the best deals, service and market leading technology yet small enough to ensure agents simply don't simply like an account number.

Our business is focused on delivering on service and technology and not on logo's and brands. A Consolidator of substance and not show. We believe in an agents independence and we value your identity. Our goal is to grow your brand and not use you to grow our brand, or our buying group or our franchise model. It's all about you.

CVFR Consolidation has close business relationships with all major airlines and provide airlines a cost effective way of distribution and we pass on the cost advantage to you - the Valued Agent.

Most importantly we are a private company with a large majority shareholder. Therefore we control our destiny and can put the interests of our valued agents first and put them before shareholders and not be under pressure as like a public company which need to put shareholders first before anyone.

We take the time to understand your business as we want to assist you in growing your company. We strongly believe the principle that "in your growth lies our growth" and treat this phrase as our mantra. 

Our market leading technology works with all GDS's allowing agents to issue, re-issue and re-validate tickets 24x7 on-line via CVFR-Quikticket. To see our technology in action CLICK HERE

CVFR Consolidation Services Technology and Products
CVFR-Quiktravel is a market leading on-line fares and ticketing technology that our agents have at their fingertips. CVFR-Quiktravel takes CVFR-Quikfares and CVFR-Quikticket and puts all into one platform with a dashboard giving agents access to reports and useful travel tools. Fares are loaded from all airlines into CVFR-Quikfares and updated all day. The system has in excess of 75000 fares. CVFR-Quikticket allows agents to issue net-remit, Gross, Net via BSP and Private fares via the on-line ticketing platform. CVFR-Quikticket also allows agents to re-issue and re-val tickets on-line.
CVFR-After Hours is an out of normal office hours ticket centre service (fees apply) which also is open on all state and national public holidays. So we are always by your side 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

CVFR Consolidation Services (CCS) Senior Team

Eva Tang - Accounts Manager and Head of Credit Control

Sally Liu - Credit Control Manager

Lipika Ghai -
 Head of Creatives Department

Anoop Karnik - 
Business Analyst

Roy Singh - Agent Acquisition and Customer Service - AUS/NZ (plus Business Development in SA/WA)

Lydwina Nio - Business Development for NSW / QLD

Gordon Tanner - State Manager - VIC / SA

Hemal Bhatt - Refunds & ADM/ACM Manager

 Consolidation Services Account
To open an account with CVFR Consolidation Services please call 1300 244 777 or click on Open a CVFR Consolidation Ticketing Account on the homepage and a member of our sales team will contact your office. You may also email any questions you may have to sales@cvfr.com.au

IATA Numbers:
023 5750 4 - CVFR Consolidation Services
023 6220 5 - CVFR Consolidation VIC
023 4381 0 - C-VFR Travel
023 6467 0 - CVFR Consolidation QLD
023 6466 6 - CVFR Consolidation WA
023 6464 4 - CVFR Consolidation SA

CVFR Consolidation Services is a member of AFTA & ATAS

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Head Office Address:

CVFR Travel Group
Level 18, Australia Square
264 George Street, Sydney 2000. NSW. Australia

Telephone: 1300 244 777

FAX: 1300 344 777


Business Group Enquiries


CVFR Consolidation Services sales@cvfrconsolidation.com.au

Airline Rep Services info@airlinerepservices.com.au

Visa Rep services info@visarepservices.com.au

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Operational Hours:

Monday – Friday
8:30am – 6:00pm AEST

10:00am – 1:00pm AEST

24x7 Ticket Centre Service available. Login for details.

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